Private travel, business services & retail intelligence . . . And we change the world!

Meet The Team
Ian Ropke
Ian has been working on the ideas that lie behind tripGaea for more than 2o years. He is an expert in Japanese tourism and culture. The laboratory for testing the ideas behind tG has been running in Japan for nearly 25 years! The lab produces revenue and the lab has proven most of our theories on private travel, cultural misunderstandings and a whole lot more. Ian studied Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. He also has a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics. He speaks 4 languages and is an authority on travel and tourism beyond Japan.  tripGaea will change the world in many ways. Join us! We intend to be a household word around the world in 10 years time. What we need now is the right investors.  People like Chamath Palihapitiya, Reid Hoffman and Bill Gurley . . . Ian thinks as big! Get in touch and learn more!
Founder & CEO (temp)
"tripGaea changes personal & enterprise travel the way AirBnb changed accommodation. We leverage under-utilized travel assets & combine them with good AI & new software solutions. We are global at launch & can launch within 9-12 months from securing our first round. Reach out to learn more!
Matthew Hargreaves
Matthew has been designing software and writing code for over 25 years and he is at the top of the software engineer game in Melbourne, Australia. He's a natural problem solver and works well with others and he's brilliant on top of all that!
Co-founder & CTO
Kristina Ropke
Kristina Ropke has been working with women and women's issues for over 30 years.  Since 90% of future  tripGaea team members will be women, it is only right that a women is in charge of Human Resources. Kristina works well with teams and is also a gifted communicator as well a person who thinks out of the box. 
Human Resources