Private travel, business services & retail intelligence . . . And we change the world!


Right now?  We are in the seed stage. We are pre-revenue from one point of view or just a bit further depending on your definitions. We like to defy definitions. We are new in nearly every way and have discovered an enormous market that everyone else seems to have missed. tG will change the way we travel and that is just the beginning.  

What is tG? tG is global closed vertical platform startup focused on international private travel, business services & retail intelligence. We are also a technology company: AI, Big Data, and more . . .

Size? Think global footprint. Key markets? Los Angeles; New York; Mexico City; Moscow; Dubai; London; Shanghai; Tokyo; Sao Paulo; Munich; Mumbai and Singapore . . .

Our ethics & values? We are a balanced care company. We care for our team members. We care for our planet and have deep impact ideas.